Non Toxic Beauty!


In true form, it’s taken me months to get back here and do another post. 🙂 Better late than never I suppose! This time I’d like to share the non toxic beauty items I use at all times to ensure I’m not inhaling/ingesting/applying toxic chemicals. Once you start diving into all of the nasty things that are used in commercial cosmetics, lotions, hair products, etc. you almost can’t help but start editing certain things out of your life (that’s how it went for me anyway).

First, let’s start with the things that I eliminated completely:

  • Perfume– there is NOTHING redeeming about perfumes, they are almost completely toxic. It’s a double whammy too because your skin is absorbing the stuff AND you’re inhaling it. Not good. I simply threw everything away. It was a little painful but my health is worth it!
  • Lotion (including hand lotion/face creams/etc)– again, almost nothing about these is good. You’ve got fake fragrances which are nothing but chemicals as well as preservatives (parabens, etc) that are not good for your internal health. Many can be endocrine and hormonal disruptors and that can cause a whole bunch of problems. The ONLY brand I  sparingly put on my hands/body is this one.
  • Deodorant– seriously, if you do nothing else cut out the antiperspirant! Some say that the active ingredient (aluminum) has been linked to breast cancer and alzheimers, which is enough for me to say buh-bye to this product. Now, I tend to be a sweaty girl so this transition was not easy for me. I will say that cleaning up my eating and ditching the cheap, fast and easy foods I was eating helped TREMENDOUSLY. Sweating is how our bodies detox so when you stop using/eating chemicals there is less to detox. This equals not as much sweating AND it doesn’t stink like it used to. I’m not saying that I go without deodorant – I AM saying that the natural stuff works (recipe is here, don’t worry) because of the efforts I’ve made in other areas.
  • Body washes– same thought process here as with perfumes and lotions. Toxic chemicals = bad for you. The cheap ones are nothing but dish soap disguised with a fancy label.
  • Toothpaste– I know, now we’re getting crazy. Yes, I said toothpaste. I don’t mean that I have ceased with an oral hygiene routine of course! I’ve just changed the brand I use. You can make your own but that’s a level of hippie that I haven’t achieved yet. My favorites are Tom’s of Maine and DoTerra’s OnGuard Toothpaste (I favor the latter).
  • Cheap makeup – I haven’t used Maybelline, Cover Girl, or any other brand for that matter in a loooong time. These companies pump their makeup from mascara to lipstick FULL of all the baddies we’ve already discovered AND they add dyes, which can also be harmful. This is a journey I’m still navigating so I have some recommendations and I’ll have more when I’ve fully vetted some stuff I’m trying.
  • Cheap shampoo/conditioner– Basically, anything that is sold at Target or any other big retailer is a no-no for me. Same reasons apply here as with all the other products. These, just like body wash, are usually just dish soap under another name with a prettier bottle. They wreck your hair! This is another one that I’m currently working through trying to find the right solution so stay tuned here.
  • Facewash– Would you wash your face with dish soap? No? Then ditch these immediately. Not to mention the fragrances, dyes, and preservatives that are included!

If you’re freaking out, know that this can be overwhelming and I haven’t made these changes quickly. It’s been a process of reading, research, and slow changes. Don’t beat yourself up if every one of these is in your medicine cabinet/shower/bathroom counter right now. It’s ok! Slow changes are what it’s all about. If I could prioritize changes, I’d start with the deodorant, then move to the facewash, then cut out the lotion. These are pretty easy changes that will give you some great results. Here’s how I do it in order of the priority I just listed:

  1. Deodorant
    1. This is HANDS DOWN the best recipe out there. It’s easy to make and keeps for a good amount of time. I personally don’t put it into deodorant containers – I just buy glass jars from and store it that way. This also means I apply with my fingers which might gross some people out… it works for me though! Completely safe and totally controls odor, even when I’m working out! There are rare days that require a second application but for the most part, once in the morning is plenty.
  2. Facewash: I have 2 recommendations here, the Oil Cleansing Method and a little homemade concoction that doesn’t have a name. 😉
    1. Oil Cleansing is AMAZING! It seems counter intuitive since the cosmetic industry has always told us that oil is bad and we need to wash with soap to make sure we’re clean. That couldn’t be further from the truth. So many skin problems happen because we completely strip all the good stuff away and replace it with alcohols and chemicals. Acne, dry skin, uneven skin tone and other problems are all solvable by ditching the commercial products. Here is a great resource for the Oil Cleansing Method:  Know that there is some trial and error involved here because everyone’s skin is different. My personal blend is higher in Castor oil and lower in the moisturizing oils because of a history of acne. Your blend would probably be different. I also use doTerra essential oils in my blends to boost them. Some good ones are Melaleuca (tea tree), lavender, frankincense, myrrh, etc.
    2. My concoction (this is also my body wash): I pour Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap (I recommend either unscented or sweet almond for facewash) into a squeeze bottle and then add doTerra oils. I typically do frankincense because it’s practically magic (see here) and myrrh for anti-aging. This is a great strategy for traveling because it’s hard to find a container for the liquid oils that won’t leak. This functions a lot like store bought cleansers and travels really well.
  3. Lotion: I recently made this one. It was easy and is still going strong almost a month later. I plan to also try this recipe. Of course, essential oils are great additions here for fragrance. My favorites lately are Cypress and Wild Orange together. Peppermint and Lavender are great too!

If you can start with those three, you’ll be golden! I’ll come back (sooner than 90 days from now) and update the rest with what I do!

Hugs and other warm fuzzy stuff,



About erinhenlinspeaks

Erin is a speaker and corporate leadership development trainer and has been in learning and development for over 10 years. From the early days of her career, her one desire has been to make an impact on people. She has a unique ability to engage with her audience and create experiences that inspire change and action. She is poised, articulate and delivers her message with passion. Over the past several years, God has been leading Erin into part time ministry. She currently serves as the Director of Leadership Development at The Crossing in Las Vegas. She also speaks and teaches the Share Your Story workshop for Ignite Life, a local city-wide women’s ministry. Erin’s goal is to motivate you to discover your unique wiring, encourage you to live intentionally, and inspire you to find your voice and share your story. She is passionate about helping people develop skills and knowledge that will empower them to answer Jesus’ call in their lives. Erin has lived in Las Vegas for 12 years and has two feline “fur-kids,” Eric and Diego. She feels that God has called her to use her professional skills to further the kingdom and she is so excited that Jesus has entrusted her with a small piece of His plan!

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