Hello world!


Now you understand the title of the blog.  🙂  I have no idea what I’m going to write about since I don’t have kids or any really exciting things happening in my life…. BUT I wanted to feel cool and have a blog!  So we’ll see where this goes.  Could be mindless drivel but it could be good too!  Now, as long as the pressure to be witty and awesome doesn’t get to me, we can begin this blogging journey…  🙂


About erinhenlinspeaks

Erin is a speaker and corporate leadership development trainer and has been in learning and development for over 10 years. From the early days of her career, her one desire has been to make an impact on people. She has a unique ability to engage with her audience and create experiences that inspire change and action. She is poised, articulate and delivers her message with passion. Over the past several years, God has been leading Erin into part time ministry. She currently serves as the Director of Leadership Development at The Crossing in Las Vegas. She also speaks and teaches the Share Your Story workshop for Ignite Life, a local city-wide women’s ministry. Erin’s goal is to motivate you to discover your unique wiring, encourage you to live intentionally, and inspire you to find your voice and share your story. She is passionate about helping people develop skills and knowledge that will empower them to answer Jesus’ call in their lives. Erin has lived in Las Vegas for 12 years and has two feline “fur-kids,” Eric and Diego. She feels that God has called her to use her professional skills to further the kingdom and she is so excited that Jesus has entrusted her with a small piece of His plan!

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